Exercising Reduces The Chance Of Breast Cancer

Not only is the regular exercise good for your heart, blood pressure and general well-being, but now scientists have found that regular exercise can lower the risk of breast cancer.  Researchers at the University of Minnesota have said that observational studies have shown a link between reduced risk of breast cancer and increased physical activity, but information about why this might happen, we did not have enough.

A big change

“The first study that we conducted shows that aerobic exercise affects the way our body breaks down estrogen for the production of more “good” metabolites (product, which remains after the breakdown of estrogen), that reduce the risk of breast cancer” – said one of the researchers, Mindy S. Kurzer, PhD. med., Professor of the University, from the Department of Food Science. The study involved 391 healthy premenopausal women. 179 of them were in a control group, where they were seating most of their time, 212 of them were in the exercise group that has performed 30 minutes cardio per day. Of all the women surveyed, 78 % of the exercise group and 86 % of the control group completed the study.

The difference was couple of pounds

Researchers took urine samples 3 days before the start of the study in order to measure the concentration of 3 estrogens and their metabolites. Researchers have already known that certain ratio of one type of metabolite with a different type of metabolite is associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer. Indeed, the researchers found that women who in the group that carried out the aerobic exercise experienced an increase of this protection ratio of metabolites, while for those who were always seated, this ratio did not change! This is immensely important point that speaks straight to physical activity. This is immensely important point that addresses straight to physical activity.

Some time ago, researchers have found that case you are overweight, a few lost pounds contribute significantly to reducing the risk of breast cancer. That’s why, healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise is by no means negligible. Do something for yourself today!


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