5 Effective, Natural and Healthy Ways To Get Rid of Acne

Acne, medically known as acne vulgaris, is a skin condition, which can affect the entire body. The most annoying pimples occur on visible parts of our bodies – on the face, chest or the upper back.

There are two known reasons why acne might occur; inherited susceptibility to secretion of tallow and male sex hormones (androgens). Notwithstanding the fact that the most common trigger of acne is puberty, many people encounter acne in adulthood. This can be due to the hormonal changes in pregnant women, changes in menstrual cycle, usage of cosmetics, exposure to humidity or even sweating. Acne can also be caused by a stressful lifestyle!

How to fight acne?

Treatment depends on the sex and age of the individual, and on the appearance of acne. For a mild form of skin changes local remedies are used, while for more severe forms systemic ones. Experts advise eating foods rich in vitamins and with a small amount of fat.

Experts point out 4 natural ingredients that contribute to maintain our skin healthy:

* Niacin (vitamin B3), which can be found in poultry, beef, salmon, tuna, legumes and nuts;

* vitamin A, which is found in the fish oil and liver;

* zinc, which occurs in tuna, cheese, soy beans, paddy and shellfish;

* essential fatty acids.

In the fight against acne drink plenty of water and less sugar-sweetened, carbonated beverages, otherwise the toxins cannot be eliminated from the body.

What about skin care?

Besides the food, personal care also contributes to healthy skin. You could see your acne improve, if you wash your skin with tepid water and neutral soap.

A few tips for healthy skin free of acne:

* Do not squeeze the pimples! This will only increase the possibility of infections.

* Wash your skin several times a day with neutral pH soap.

* The cleansing tonic should be alcohol-free. Alcohol dries the skin.

* Cosmetics agents should have anti-inflammatory effect and contain vitamins A, C and E.

5 effective natural ways to get rid of acne

1. Honey, cinnamon and nutmeg

Mix honey with cinnamon to form a smooth paste. Gradually add freshly grated nutmeg. For better results, store the mixture in a closed container for several hours. Apply it on the skin for 15 minutes, then rinse.

2. Lemon juice and salt

Lemon juice helps release oil from your skin. Apply squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of salt on a tablespoon. Put the mixture on individual pimples, and leave it there for about 10 minutes. While doing that, do not expose yourself to the sun because lemons have a bleaching effect and may change the color of your skin!

3. Ice cubes with green tea

Make ice cubes and instead of water, use green tea. This will help to calm the skin. Since the cubes are cold, you will immediately felt relief on your problematic parts and the swelling will be reduced.

4. Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is also popular in the fight against other skin conditions, such as psoriasis as it has the ability to dry the skin. Mix baking soda with water to form a mixture, then apply the paste on the acne and leave it on for a few minutes. This method is most effective if used before showering.

5. White of an egg

White of an egg apply to the skin with a cotton swab. Let the mixture work overnight, and by morning rinse well. Soon you will see a significant difference.

Anyone who has experience with the persistence of acne, knows how to live with this problem. Not only that these people are repeatedly embarrassed by their appearance, the overall condition can also be painful. Nevertheless, there are some tips and healthy ways to alleviate such skin changes or even eliminate them. And do not forget, the elimination of acne requires patience and consistency!

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