The Contraceptive Pill for Men Has Been Invented! The Pill, Which Disables the Sperm!

Until now all attempts at developing male contraceptive pill were ineffective. That is partly because the main goal of the research process was to find contraceptive vaccine for men, not the pill itself. Israeli researchers have finally formed an oral pill, which inactivates sperm cells before they reach the uterus.

In contrast to women, men will not have to remember to take the pill every day of every month, but only once in every three months. According to scientists, this type of pill will most likely be available within three years.

Why should not men take over responsibility?

Unlike vaccines, male contraceptive pill does not contain a combination of the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone progesterone to prevent pregnancy. Pill is designed in a way that clears the sperm of all essential proteins, required for fertilization of women. Sperm will still reach the uterus, but will be disabled and unable to fertilize any eggs. Scientists believe that this approach will be 100 percent reliable in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

The effect of the male contraceptive pill is extremely long-lasting, since it lasts three months. In addition, this pill has other positive features. It does not have any side-effects that occur in women taking the contraceptive pill and men who collaborate in testing the contraceptive vaccine (alternation of mood, depression, loss of libido). Furthermore, after birth control withdrawal, the quality of the sperm returns to its original state.

Contraceptive pills for men are reversible, safe and do not cause hormonal changes or other side-effects

Professor from Israeli University, who has helped develop the pill says that men do not cope well with side effects, which would turn away many of them from taking the pill. “That is why we have tried to create a pill that will not have any adverse side-effects. And we did it!” Since the pill does not contain hormones, it does not have any impact on the hormonal balance in the body.

The pill has been tested on mice. They found out that the mice receiving the lower dose were sterile for a month and those receiving a higher dose for three months. The mice behaved quite normally and did not lose their appetite. They also did not notice a reduction in the frequency of mating. Pill testing on humans will begin next year.

The only problem is that men may forget to take their contraceptive pill! Studies have shown that women do not trust their men when it comes to taking contraceptives. However, as the new pill has to be consumed every three months, it is hoped that that will not happen.

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