Best Food Against CANCER!

Experts are unanimous in the assessment that the risk of developing cancer is significantly reduced simply by proper diet. Which foods are the best inhibitors of cancer?

Each type of fruit or vegetable is in fact a combination of protective substances and in the fight against cancer cells it is significantly more effective than isolated vitamins or herbal dyes.

We present you several types of food which can prevent the development of cancer:
Pineapples prevent inflammation. Because of the high content of anti-inflammatory enzymes, this fruit can also prevent the development of metastases.

Tomatoes – The protective effect of beta-carotene (likopin) is eight times higher than in carrots. In addition, this plant material, which is particularly high in the tomato sauce, stops the reproduction of cancer cells.

Broccoli – protection for the whole body. Minerals, vitamins, and many of the secondary plant substances such as flavonoids and glucosinolates protect each cell.

Olive oil – destroyer of cancer cells. If you consume each day one tablespoon of olive oil, you will suppress the risk of developing a cancer.

Whole grain bread – enemy of the colon cancer. Wholegrain products contain a lot of fiber and make sure that a food passes easily through the intestines. That’s why substances, which promote cancer, have very little time to invade the gut wall.

Grapes – complete protection of cells. They are full of flavonoids, which prevent cancer. They are also in the red wine, which is also recommended for drinking in small amounts (1 to 2 glasses per day).

Chocolate – a sweet protection against breast cancer. Cancer cells do not like cocoa. Chocolate contains anti-inflammatory substances that can prevent the formation of breast cancer cells. Particularly many of these protective substances are found in dark chocolate.

Beetroot strengthens the immune system. Its flavonoids strengthen the immune system and can without any problems destroy tumor lesions.

Grapefruit – A friend of the stomach. Pink varieties contain many carotenoids. Together with a high proportion of vitamin C they can prevent certain types of cancer especially esophagus and stomach cancer.

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