Diets – You Have To Stop Doing These 4 Things!

Many people are resorting to crazy, funny and even shocking ways to lose weight. These long-term methods may be initially effective, but will not be for long, and before you realize you will regain all the weight you lost, and even gain more weight that you had before.

Omitting meals

Losing weight requires a limited number of calories. At first glance, it seems the release of meals quick and easy way to reduce calorie intake. However, with starvation the body slows down metabolism, so when eating other meals you will store more.

If you will not give your body the necessary fuel, most likely you will not have enough energy for a successful training. It would be best to reduce the calorie intake with a healthy diet. Find healthy substitutes for your favorite food. It would be prudent to select low-calorie foods that are high in fiber and protein, healthy carbohydrates…

Only exercise

Movement is certainly an important part of the weight loss formula, but if your diet is not adequate, your hard work in the gym will also not produce results.

Think about it: in 30 minutes of running at speed of about 10 km/h you burn about 270 calories. If you want to lose about half a kilogram per week, you need to burn about 500 calories per day. Obviously running will not be enough. Be careful with what you eat and mind the portions.

Limitation of time for meals

Surely you’ve heard that if you want to lose weight, do not eat after 18 PM (or 19 or 20).

The time at which you eat, often has nothing to do with the gain or loss of weight. Why? Because this largely depends on the amount and type of calories you eat throughout the day.

If you find yourself reaching for the snacks at night, think about meals during the day – have you eaten enough, how were your meals spread, what did you eat… So make sure you eat enough and choose the right kind of foods.

However, if you are eating in the evening, make sure you consume healthy food that is easily digestible.


Some people delete carbohydrates or other fats from the list of foods they would eat. List of foods to which people think they should completely give up is long and unnecessary. If you delete whole food groups from the list, you will not endure.

If you give up for example carbohydrates, most likely you will lose control over yourself and enjoyed a huge plate of pasta. Another problem occurs when you restart enjoying this food because you will regain all the weight you have lost.

Long-term weight loss requires temperance.

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