5 Effective Solutions For Bad Breath

Bad breath can ruin even the most beautiful evening. Many people face this problem, but few are aware that mouth wash and rapid teeth brushing can’t fix the bad breath. Check out what can

  1. Eat a piece of bread

Are you on a diet without carbohydrates? Bad breath is often a result of an unbalanced diet. “Ketone breath” is a result of a diet does not include carbohydrates. Next time when you order meat without side dish, think about your breath.

  1. Brush your tongue

Poor oral hygiene and poor oral health are responsible for bad breath. Bacteria that decompose food residues in the oral cavity and tooth enamel is responsible for bad breath. Therefore, tooth brushing and flossing are necessary – never forget brushing your tongue as well!

  1. Chewing gums

Saliva is the most effective weapon against bad breath because it washes your teeth, tongue and even the oral cavity all the time and also removes food residues and bacteria that would otherwise have stayed in your mouth. In addition, saliva also contains antiseptic enzymes and substances that destroy unwanted bacteria. So, more saliva, less bacteria in our mouths. Sugar free chewing gums stimulate the secretion of saliva, while removing a fraction of deposits from the teeth. Chewing gum, sweetened with xylitol are most effective.

  1. Drink water!

If we are dehydrated we have bad breath so remember to drink water, even when we are at work. Make sure that drinking water becomes your habit because we often do not notice that we are thirsty. Sufficient supply of the body with water has a number of positive effects on the body – reduction of bad breath is one of them.

  1. Exclude obvious causes for bad breath

Caries and gum disease are a common cause of bad breath. Visit the dentist, if you feel that bad breath is not the result of spaghetti that you ate last night, but rather your constant companion. Some kidney and liver disease can cause bad breath, so visit your doctor, if the dentist failed to find the causes for bad breath.


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