Most efficient recipes that you can make yourself from ONIONS

Onion is one of the plants that is very easy to cultivate in the home garden, do not take up much space and is grown throughout the whole year.

Though some avoid it due to unpleasant odor, onion is good to eat in  large quantities as it regenerates the whole body, removes fatigue and acts as a natural protection against many wicked diseases.  Onion is used as a traditional medicine since ancient times.

Modern science also emphasizes his efficiency. Studies have shown significantly reduced risk of developing lung cancer among people who eat food, which is rich in quercetin, such as red onion.

Research also shows that quercetin is better and more efficiently absorbed from the onion rather than from other vegetables. Regularly eating onions can also reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. Quercitin acts very similar to drugs for asthma. Onions contain several compounds that reduce inflammation.

We bring you three most important recipes that are made from onion:

  1. Relieving arthritis pain

Ayurveda, the Indian alternative medicine, recommends onions for battling the symptoms of arthritis. Stir onion juice and sesame oil and apply on the diseased area.

  1. Medicine for respiratory tract

In one liter of water put one pound (0.5kg) of chopped onion with an equal amount of sugar and cook for three hours. Let it cool and add three tablespoons of honey then mix it well and store it in a jar. Add one tablespoon of this beverage to half a glass of warm water, mix it and drink it. This drink should be taken for treatment of tonsils, lungs, coughing, hoarseness and difficult breathing due to problems with colds and flu.

  1. Medicine for high blood pressure

Onion skin is a natural remedy against high blood pressure. Peel the onion and cook the skin as you would any other herbal tea. Drink one cup of this tea every day and see if there are any improvements.

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