What Can Increase The Risk Of Developing Liver Cancer And How You Can Prevent It

Obesity and diabetes type two double your risk of getting liver cancer. Patients with liver cancer have very poor prognosis or survival rate. It is, therefore, advisable to focus on prevention, which is maintaining a healthy weight.

High body mass index and too wide waist are two signs of overweight. Obesity and diabetes mellitus type two increase the risk of liver cancer by 2.61 times.

The bigger is the body mass index, the greater is the risk of cancer. The risk also increases for every 5 cm larger waist. Since the world’s percentage of people who are overweight increased, the liver cancer is more frequent.

Dr. Peter Campbell, author of the study, which examines cancer of the digestive tract at the American Association of Cancer, says: “In the US, the number of patients with liver cancer has tripled since the mid-seventies. This is a cancer in which the prognosis of survival is especially bad.” Therefore it is better to focus on prevention.

Campbell and his team took data of 1.57 million adults, who participated in fourteen other US studies. At the beginning of the research, these people complete the questionnaire, in which they answer questions about their habits. At that time, no one had cancer, but by the end of the study, liver cancer developed in 2,162 participants.

Americans have studied how this can be related to risk factors. “We found that obesity and type two diabetes are increasing problems with metabolism. This is very stressful to the liver. Therefore, it is really important to maintain your weight on level that is normal for your height,” says Campbell. Being overweight increase the risk of developing type two diabetes. “Liver cancer is not only associated with alcoholism or hepatitis. In adults with type two diabetes, the risk of such cancer is more than two times higher than in adults who have normal insulin metabolism.” Being overweight not only increase blood pressure and cause arteriosclerosis, but is also one of the reasons for developing cancer.

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