Emotions Can Cause Body Poisoning

Not only proper nutrition, cleansing of the physical body and physical activity are important for a strong immune system, but also proper digestion of emotions.

Let’s see how emotions affect individual organs and how closely they are related to the poisoning of the body.

1. Concerns

Concern is the feeling that primarily affects our digestive system. Organs that are suffering are especially stomach, spleen and pancreas. When we are in that state, even the high-quality food in the body becomes toxic. Why? The food is not properly metabolized. It can even boil and get stuck in the gastrointestinal tract. Consequently, half-digested food is entering our gut and creates the perfect breeding ground for pathogenic organisms, which are poisoning us.

2. Fear

Do you also often freeze or turn pale from fear? This happens when kidneys on account of fear suddenly tighten. This cause jam in filtering and cleaning the blood. Consequently, circulation is impaired, which results in icy hands and feet. Fear mostly affects kidneys and bladder. The longer fear lasts, the stronger are the effects.

3. Anger

The emotion of anger prevents normal functioning of the liver. Anger produces disorder in our energy system in the liver. That is why liver does not receive the needed energy. Furthermore, old and used energy is blocked and accumulates in it. Day by day the liver is losing its function and our body is becoming more and more poisoned. This does not mean that we should ignore the anger. Instead of anger, select understanding and take action.

4. Sadness

Our second organ for detoxification are lungs. Lungs are most affected by grief. Imbalances in the lungs can advance to the imbalance of the heart energy. Unfortunately sadness also affects the colon. Toxins that are secreted by breathing or pooping, grind to a halt in the body.

5. Greed

Greed affects the heart and small intestine. The desire for ever-increasing wealth is reflected in arrhythmias and abnormalities in heart function. Greed also successfully creates all the remaining, already mentioned emotions. Whoever lives in constant fear that someone would take something from them or that he could fail, he could even more quickly experience other negative emotions.

If we are keeping emotions in ourselves, they will sooner or later find a way to express themselves. Therefore, do not ill-treat your body. Calm down and express your emotions.

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