Tea Or Coffee – Which One Is Healthier

Opinions regarding benefits of tea and coffee are divided. However, which drink is actually more healthy?


Both beverages contain caffeine, which helps you awaken and stimulates the secretion of hormones of happiness. Moreover, caffeine increases the concentration of calcium in the brain cells, making them easier to learn.

Tea caffeine effect occurs slower and weaker than coffee caffeine-but it lasts longer.

Strength of the heart

Secondary plant substances also assist in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Above all, green tea contains substances that have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and prevent sclerosis of the arteries. On the other hand, coffee does not have any beneficial effects on the heart, but is not harmful either.

Protection against cancer

Various studies have come to the conclusion that coffee has preventive effect against cancer of the intestine and liver and also against skin cancer. Tea also contains many important antioxidants which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and act against the occurrence of cancer of the lung, prostate, bile and chest.


This is actually a double-edged sword: caffeine in excessive quantities can cause headaches. On the other hand, numerous studies have demonstrated that 200 milligrams of caffeine relieves headaches, also the ones that are induced by migraine. Many drugs against headache contain caffeine. Thus, the body absorbs the active drug more quickly.

Coffee works better than tea because its caffeine is released faster.


The biggest difference between coffee and tea is visible in the evening, when it is time to sleep. Comparing two groups, which drank the same amount of coffee or tea, has shown that both of the beverages have had the same effects during the day, while the coffee drinkers had much more difficulty falling asleep in the evening.

Moderate consumption

It is not possible to determine what is healthier-coffee or tea. It is important to pay attention to the appropriate amount of both. We should not drink more than two to three cups a day.

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