Lemon, A Fruit With Healing Powers!

Awesome Power Of Lemons

We are never sufficiently amazed by awesomeness of lemons. They seem so innocent and beautiful, but they hide such power that can casually take care of our health and clean home. Let’s see what lemons can do!


Tea with lemon is almost the first thing you think of when you get cold. Lemons have an antiseptic effect and do work against anemia, rheumatism and arthritic pain. They also help in case of poisoning, lack of vitamin C and stress. Lemons also relax muscle spasms, cramps, blood vessels and tissues, accelerate wound healing and help with oily skin. They also accelerate blood clotting, lower blood pressure and whiten your teeth.

Australian scientists claim that lemon juice is effective defense against AIDS, illness from which suffer almost 40 million people.

Highly concentrated lemon balms are believed to regulate body temperature and maintain appropriate blood pressure. Some also believe that mixture of lemon and coffee cures malaria.


Have you run out of aspirin? Drink espresso with lemon juice. This will stop the pain.


Vitamin C, found in citrus, helps overcome fatigue and exhaustion and has positive impact on our overall state of health. The lemon can relieve the symptoms of menopause and even alleviate the depression!

Beautiful skin and youth

Lemon juice nurtures, refreshes your skin and restores its shine. Some believe that lemon even slow down aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural doping

Studies have shown that the smell of lemon improves concentration and alertness. So treat yourself with at least a lemonade.

Against grease and fat

Mix lemon juice with water in a ratio of 1: 2. Apply the mixture on the stove and scrub thoroughly. You can also scrub the kitchen worktop and wall coverings (especially those that are close to the stove). The liquid can be poured into a bottle with a spray. In that why it will work simpler and easier.

Even if your hands are covered with resin or strong adhesive, use lemon and rub it on your hands.

Disinfectant and household cleaner

With a twist of lemon and vinegar begin the disinfection of wooden cutting boards. Rub the juice, leave a few minutes and rinse-board will be disinfected and awful smell will disappear.

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