6 Occasions When You Should Not Be Working Out

It is true that sport activity has a positive impact on the body, but there are also occasions when being active it is not a good idea.  It is crucial to know how to listen to your body and then decide whether it is the right time for recreation or not. Let’s see when it is better to go for a rest.

  1. You should not exercise when you have flu symptoms

It may seem logical but let us once again point out that you should not go to the gym when you have a fever, strong cough, upset stomach and when your joints hurt.

  1. You should not exercise when you have extremely sore muscles

When you have extremely sore muscles from training, you should take a break. Pain will last a few days, so be sure to drink a lot of water and to ice the painful areas. You can do light stretching.

  1. You should not exercise if you have recently suffered a concussion

Even if you have a few days rest and you feel perfectly good. It is not safe as long as your doctor does not give you green light.

  1. You should not exercise after a big meal

You had a big dinner and your guilty conscience dictates that you need to spend those calories immediately. STOP! Now your body needs energy to digest food, so don’t steal it with working out.  At least two hours after a meal do not train.

  1. You should not exercise in extreme heat.

Keep in mind this advice – postpone your training session rather in the early morning or evening. Excessive heat will only embitter your training; you will feel more tired and you will be exposed to a serious risk of muscle cramps.

  1. You should not exercise if you haven’t slept enough and you are exhausted

Sleep and rest are not only needed for athlete, but are also vital for normal functioning. Persistent fatigue can also be a symptom of a disease. In addition, physical growth and regeneration of tissues occur only during resting and sleeping, never during training or any other physical activity.


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