The Truth About Yogurts With Toppings

Those yogurts are sold in special packaging, consisting of two cups – the first is usually filled with yogurt, and the other one with various toppings. However, what really hides in that package? Comparative evaluation revealed the following …

A lot of sugar and numerous food additives!

Among the wide selection of ordinary, fruit and flavored yogurts, which are sold in one cup, consumers are offered another group of yogurts. The packaging of those yogurts is made of two cups. In the bottom, there is a larger cup, which usually contains sweetened yogurt, while in the upper cup, there are various toppings from sweets, chocolate balls, rings and stars to cereal and fruit preparations.

However, according to the results of a comparative evaluation, it can be concluded that the yogurts with toppings, offered in special packaging are desserts, so they should be rarely on our menu.

So, when reaching for yogurt with toppings, keep in mind that this is just another dessert (e.g. a piece of cake, chocolate or ice-cream). Furthermore, select the ones that compared with other similar products, contain less sugar, fat and saturated fat acids.

Yogurts with toppings are, therefore, dessert, which can only be indulged occasionally!

Among the eight products, only one product received an »average« evaluation. All the others were estimated »inadequate«, and this is also due to the large amounts of sugar. These yogurts, therefore, should only occasionally land on our menu.

All rated products contained sweetened yogurt, some up to 30 grams of sugar in just one cup.

Yogurts with toppings contain more fat and additives than regular yogurt.

Yogurts with toppings also contain more fat than regular yogurts. Furthermore, the examination revealed that they also contain far too much additives. Nevertheless, the most worrying fact is that the products for children were rated the worst.

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