What Would Happen If You Walked Half An Hour A Day?

Walking is created for everyone even for those who want to be fit. If you walk half an hour a day these things can happen:

You will strengthen your leg muscles

When we are walking, our muscles work. The following applies: if the walk is vibrant and greater the slope, you force your muscles to work harder. With walking you will not only strengthen the legs, but also muscles of the buttocks.

However, if you combine walking with strength training (twice a week, add exercises like squats and climbing stairs …) and you will see progress even more rapidly.

You will get rid of extra pounds easier

Average person spends 150 to 400 calories while walking for half an hour to an hour. Of course, sex, weight and age play important role, but the fact is that you can make very big things for your health just by having regular walks.

You will have fewer problems with varicose veins

One of the general measures for reducing venous pressure is walking. Muscles are active, which helps with pushing the blood through the vessels. Especially during long periods of sitting is good to take a break with walking.

You will take care of your bowel movement

After a meal, do not rest on a couch while watching TV. Go take a walk – movement will help your digestive system running properly.  It will also help with formation of digestive enzymes.

A short walk will therefore have a great impact on your digestion and even your mood will certainly be raised at least to some level.

You will be much more relaxed

Walking relaxes. No matter whether you went to explore the city streets or went for a walk in the woods. Walking is the ideal physical and mental exercise for those who had a stressful day. Try to meditate while walking for even a greater effect.


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