5 Unusual Symptoms Of Stress and How to Respond to Them

1. Painful jaw

Do you ever wake up and feel pressure or even pain in the jaw? Do you ever find yourself grate your teeth? Those are the typical signs of stress, which occur most frequently during sleep or while we are strongly focused on a specific thing.

Solution: Ask your dentist for a night guard, which will protect your teeth during clenching. Not only that this simple device will save the enamel, 70% of people report that after wearing a night guard, they have completely stopped grinding their teeth during sleep. So the night guard may eventually be abandoned.

2. Increased hair loss

Stress changes the balance of certain micro elements and amino acids in the body, which are essential for hair growth. 30% of women under stress report that they have detected a greater shedding of hair than normal.

Solution: Make sure you increase the intake of amino acids (via food supplements). As soon as possible take part in a relaxing activity (yoga, walking, meditation).

3. Increased risk of allergies

Stressful situations increase the risk of allergic reactions in people who are prone to allergies. Furthermore, stress is increasing all the symptoms of allergies in the body.

Solution: You still have to avoid allergens, which are dangerous to you. Moreover, the moment you are feeling stressed out, exploit the power of deep and slow breathing until you feel more relaxed (slow breath – hold your breath and count to 4 – slow exhalation – count to four – repeat).

4. Pimples

If your face is not usually sprinkled with acne, one of the reason for the sudden appearance of them is also stress. Pimples that appear due to stress, usually occur at the neck and around the edge of the jaw. Stress is increasing inflammatory reactions that lead to pimples.

Solution: Clean your face with toners that contain salicylic acid. Also, use a moisturizer, so the skin on the face is not dry, and eat more foods that prevent inflammation (e. g. fish, nuts, peppers, tomatoes, beetroot, garlic, olive oil, raspberry, cherry).

5. Upset stomach

Gastric acid, which is thrown off balance due to stress, may cause discomfort and irritable stomach. In addition, in stressful situations you often feel the need to visit the toilet. That is

because of relaxed intestine muscles. Stress at the same time changes the way in which the body stores fat. Body stores more fat in the abdominal area.

Solution: See an effective comedy or take advantage of the company of friends, which can make you laugh. One study has revealed that people who laugh more, often have better blood flow and fewer problems with stomach acid. Therefore, laugh!

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