What Does It Mean If Your Breath Has a Smell Of Acetone?

A sign that you should pay attention to!

The smell of acetone – a possible sign of diabetes

The sudden warning sign (breath that smells like nail polish remover – acetone) occurs, when your body is not able to properly use sugar and, therefore, burns fat as a fuel. Waste substances that are released during this process are called ketones. One of the ketones, acetone (a key component of the nail polish remover), produces treacherous sign of diabetes; breath with the scent of fruit.

You may notice the taste of fruit that will remain even after brushing your teeth. Technical term for this condition is diabetic ketoacidosis; This symptom can also cause a diabetic coma if it remains untreated.

Additional warning signs of diabetes include:

• fatigue,

• dizziness,

• frequent thirst and urination and

• desire for sweets.

If you detect breath with the smell of acetone or any other warning signs associated with diabetes, you should consult your doctor. Firstly, you should fast for 8 hours. Then, visit the doctor, who will measure the level of sugar in your blood with a simple blood test. Remember – normal blood sugar levels (while fasting) are between 70 and 100 mg /dl. Everything that is over 200 mg /dl may be possible indicator of diabetes.

While Type 1 diabetes is controlled by treatment with insulin injections, the treatment of type 2 diabetes often involves only lifestyle changes (for example food diet and exercise).

How to protect yourself against type 2 diabetes:

• Maintain a healthy weight. Body mass index in women should be less than 35.

• Eat healthy! Your meals should include fiber from whole grain foods, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods full of sugar and trans fats.

• Exercise regularly. Do cardio workout with fast walking, cycling or other exercises at least three times a week for at least 20 minutes.

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