7 Appetite Reducing Foods

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 acids. They are also rich in fiber. If you add flax to the food you eat, sugar will need more time to raise its level in the blood. Flax seeds can be sprinkled in salad, yogurt, sandwich, sauce ….

Whey proteins

Not only do whey protein help with “building” muscles, but also with weight loss. Whey protein affects the hormones that stimulate hunger. In one study, the 22 men were provided food with whey protein, tuna fish and poultry. Findings showed lower blood glucose levels compared with men, who did not eat whey protein but only enjoyed other types of protein. Whey protein also strengthens the immune system and regulates blood pressure.


Soup suppresses appetite due to water content. It also contains very few calories and, therefore, helps with weight loss. The best choice are the meat and vegetable soups. Studies (Pennsylvania State University) have shown that women and men, who daily consumed two servings of low-calorie soup, lost 50% more pounds than people, who were consuming the same number of calories with a variety of snacks.


Not only that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but also affects the feeling of satiety. Apples are low in calories and fat, but high in fiber. Fibers increase the feeling of satiety. An apple also contains natural sugars that maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Oatmeal is rich in fibers. It contains good carbohydrates that burn slowly and thus causes the prolonged feeling of satiety. The high-fiber content trigger the feeling of satiety and prevents overeating. Oatmeal is also suitable for diabetics because the glycemic index is very low. You can prepare it for breakfast and enrich it with milk or linseed.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acid that reduces the feeling of hunger. Pine nuts also contain a high proportion of protein, which provides the energy supply. A healthy dose of pine nuts acts as an appetite suppressant, which helps you in case you want to get rid of extra pounds.


If you crave for more food, but you know that your body has everything it needs, drink more water. Water is a drink with no calories and is an excellent choice to suppress appetite. Drinking water throughout the day and when you feel hungry, tricks your brain in thinking that the stomach is full.

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