Which Sport is The Best For Weight Loss?

Physical activity and balanced diet – the best combination for losing weight. But, have you ever wondered which sport is the best? The most effective exercise that helps burn some fat is a combination of cardio training and strength training.

  1. Running

Simple, but very effective physical activity when it comes to burning calories. We suggest interval training – a sequence of intermediate runs and rest periods.  Start with an easy run, and then alternately perform 60 seconds of sprints and 60 seconds of easy running. How long will you run depends on your willingness; however 8 minutes of running will be enough.

  1. Cycling

Cycling outside at this time of the year is not the best choice, but also stationary bike is a great alternative. In one hour of moderate cycling (on a bicycle) you will spend 250 or more calories.

  1. Walking

Regular walking, fast walking, hiking, walking up the stairs…activities that perfectly develop legs, buttocks and help you lose the rings on the abdomen. Climbing stairs or walking through uneven terrain is great for burning fat.

  1. Jumping

Any kind of jumping – over the rope or on the trampoline will help you burn some calories. With jumping rope you can spend up to 700 calories.  After ten minutes of jumping you, will be completely soaked and your muscles will be awake. You will also improve your endurance, strength, speed and coordination.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is an activity which involves all the muscles and is undoubtedly one of the best sports type even for those who would like to lose weight. When swimming, you have to fight against the resistance of water, which makes you spend more energy and consequently burn more fat. In addition, swimming is also suitable for those who have problems with their joints and spine. If you swim for 1 hour you can spend up to 800 calories (depending on your weight, gender and intensity).



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