Pineapple Can Also Be Used As a Medicine!

Pineapple is a delicious and refreshing fruit with low caloric value, so you can eat it without guilty conscience, even if you are on a diet. Even more, pineapple can help you get rid of the accumulated fat quickly. In addition, pineapples are full of beneficial nutrients. It is one of the best sources of vitamin C and also contains manganese, copper and various B vitamins.

We present you several problems, which can be solved with pineapples.

Reduction of pain associated with arthritis

The healing effect of pineapple is mainly related to the high levels of bromelain, an enzyme that is essential for breaking down proteins. In fact bromelain will alleviate the inflammation and relieve you from pain. The symptoms of arthritis will be manageable because of its high content of vitamin C and manganese. It is recommended drinking the pineapple juice on an empty stomach.

Reduction of blood pressure

High levels of potassium in pineapple will also be beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure. This is in fact often associated with the modern diet that contains too much sodium and on the other hand, too little potassium. Pineapples will establish a balance between these two minerals. We encourage you to prepare a drink made from pineapple, beetroot, orange juice, green leaves and almond milk and you will soon see improvements with your high blood pressure.

Pineapples improve digestion

Do you suffer from poor digestion? Instead of the usual snacks between meals eat a few pieces of fresh pineapple. High concentration of the enzyme bromelain will ease your digestion, particularly of the food that contains a lot of protein. High protein food may, if consumed in large quantities,  lead to bloating, constipation and abdominal tension. Pineapple will help you avoid such problems. So if you want to have a healthy digestive system, pineapple must be definitely part of your diet!

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