High Doses of Vitamin C May Be Useful for Cancer Patients

Evidence, that the high daily doses of vitamin C are exceptionally useful for cancer patients, is becoming more obvious every day. Studies have shown that the liposome vitamin C is very effective in the treatment of various infections.

Recently a study, which was conducted at the American Hospital Riordan confirmed that the vitamin C is very useful for people who are diagnosed with cancer. Namely, high doses of vitamin C prevent inflammation, which is one of the key factors for developing cancer. Inflammation represents an increased risk of developing various types of cancer, while it greatly reduces the likelihood of successful treatment and recovery in cancer patients.  Inflammation weakens the immune system and reduces responsiveness of the patients to therapy.

Chronic inflammation is a major cause for cancer and aggravation of the illness

Based on the prevalence of the inflammation in the body, the course of the disease and the chances of survival of cancer patients can be assessed. Patients without chronic inflammation have significantly greater chance for longer life. The research was carried out in such a way that the cancer patients received high doses of vitamin C, and then the effects were analyzed. The results are very promising since high doses of vitamin C decrease inflammation in the body, which has a great impact on both formation and progression of the disease.

Vitamin C is effective against various types of cancer

High doses of vitamin C may help patients with various types of cancers. Among the other things, vitamin C is useful for prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer. The recommended dose of vitamin C is 10 – 12 grams per day.


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