5 Ways to Have Healthier Christmas

Redirect your attention

Many people tend to forget that the holiday’s fun is much more than the food. The essence of the holidays is not the food, but hanging out with friends and acquaintances. You can avoid the extra calories by simply having a chat with your family members rather than just focusing on what is on the table.

Portion size should be small

Since the rejection of food at parties or family gatherings is sometimes impolite, you can avoid the excessive intake of calories by testing one or the other goodies by limiting the portion size.  Portion size should be small and without additives like various sauces or dressings because they can be a real calorie bomb.

You should stop eating when you are feeling full

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when people think that they should eat until their stomach explodes. You should keep in mind that this is just one day and if done properly, you won’t feel bad and you won’t gain extra weight. So don’t overdo it, eat small portions and drink plenty of water. When you are feeling full, go and help with cleaning up. In such way you will be active and you can burn some calories.

Go for a family walk!

Let family walk after the meal becomes a family tradition. You will not only lose some extra calories, but you will also spend quality time with your loved ones.

Exercise the next morning

Working out is the best way to burn extra calories that you have consumed the previous day. You can schedule a workout with your friend or another family member. This may prevent you from having extra dessert or glasses of wine during dinnertime and will also make you feel good since you won’t be lethargic whole day. So make sure to call your friend and go for a run!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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